Melissa Lu

HBO, Inc.

Miscellaneous work created as a design and production intern from September 2017 – April 2018.

Design + Production


Projects featuring HBO® shows or films omitted due to legal reasons.
Including: DVD packaging, billboard posters, style guide, invitations, advertisements, LCD screens, presentation template/animation, banners, sales sheets, brochures, and conference assets.


DSO Rebranding

Distribution Strategy & Operations (DSO) department requested a new logo that alluded to the company’s logo.
The client’s final choice was the idea of illustrating three letters in a single stroke, which stemmed from the O in HBO®.


Discarded Logo Ideas


Wall Graphic

Full scale at 10.5m x 2.4m. A step and repeat wall graphic for people at a convention to take photos in front of.


Step and repeat pattern creates a larger HBO® logo allowing people to see it up close and from afar.


Women@HBO – Clothing Drive


W@HBO Clothing Drive and Volunteer_PO.jpg


1433676_ERG_W@HBO Clothing Drive and Volunteer_BNR.jpg

Email Invitation

W@HBO Clothing Drive and Volunteer_EM.jpg